Lemon Cake & Sale on Apricot Conserve

Lemon Cake & Sale on Apricot Conserve

May Greetings,

Our legendary stone fruits are getting bigger by the minute. We had some visitors to the farm this weekend who have been ordering from us just about as long as we've been shipping, and they found a few red cherries that had ripened early. A stroke of luck when our Brooks cherries are set to start picking in two weeks along with our Apache apricots.

We’ve got a great name with apricots, and with our Blenheim trees certified organic this year, I’m sure even more folks who appreciate the real taste of apricots will come to know our farm. We aren’t the only ones who have had some rough years with ‘cots, and I’ve heard that a lot of California farmers are tearing out their apricot trees. Not me. I’ve got more apricot acres than ever growing here at Frog Hollow and it’s worth it. In celebration of apricots, jars of our Apricot Conserve--our best selling spreadable fruit--are on sale 25% off until the 10th (cases included).

Chef Becky tells me that she’ll be able to keep baking those Meyer Lemon Cakes for another couple weeks, so if you were on the fence about trying her cake, or if you absolutely loved its extra lemony goodness, you might want to order now and plan to freeze them to save for a mid-summer dessert.

I’m looking forward to letting you all know what varieties are picking as soon as the harvest begins. Start counting down the days!

Organically yours,


p.s. The farm kitchen whipped up one last batch of Fruit Cakes for Mother’s Day and they’re already half gone. This is your last chance for a bit of rum-soaked goodness to reward your favorite hard-working Mom. ($64.99 ea)


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