Organic and Regenerative

What does that mean? We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We grow crops in healthy soil that supports complex ecosystems and delicious fruit. 

Healthy Soil, Biodiversity, and People

Frog Hollow Farm went organic in 1988, and we have never looked back. We do not use synthetics and we rely as much as possible on natural processes for growing our fruit. 

However, we believe organic farming is just the beginning of healthy, responsible food production. “Traditional” farming kills agricultural land with its heavy use of plowing and synthetic chemicals. But if we nurture our soil, nature provides its own fertilizers and pesticides. Healthy soil contains billions of microbes that break down organic matter and feed essential nutrients to trees. These microscopic ecosystems also function as natural barriers to pests and disease. 

Regenerative farming restores soil health through composting, cover crops, and minimal digging and tilling. Healthy soil stores much more water than soil at traditional farms, and it helps fight climate change by storing carbon from the atmosphere. Regeneration also means conserving water and taking care of our people. By doing all this, we grow the best-tasting, healthiest fruit you can get. And we improve the health of our people, our soil, and our planet. 

That truly is fruit you can feel good about!

Learn about Frog Hollow Farm's organic certifications.


Feeding our soil with rich natural material.

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Cover Crops

Using off-season plants to feed our soil and hold moisture.

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Not disturbing our critical soil ecosystems.

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Conserving one of our planet’s most valuable resources.

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Carbon Storage

Reversing climate change by storing carbon in healthy soil.

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Preserving the natural system of life.

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