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6/2021: Grub Street - I’m looking forward to other summer fruits. We get the best peaches ever, and last year I kind of missed them because of the pandemic. This year I’m going to drive out to David Mas Masumoto’s or Frog Hollow, and I’m going to get them myself. They’re something rare. They have no shelf life. They have to be picked ripe, and they’re glorious. I think of myself as kind of a peach specialist. - Alice Waters
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09/2017 The Argonaut

"Chef Costa starts with gorgeous fish, like yellowtail, and layers flavors like fennel, chili and Frog Hollow Farm’s magnificent plums."

02/2017, Olive Oil Times

In Brentwood, California, Frog Hollow Farm provides a certified organic extra virgin olive oil add-on to its traditional Happy Child CSA program. The farm has a grove of approximately 300 olive trees and produces the oil with the help of nearby McEvoy Ranch in Petaluma, where the actual olive pressing takes place. Participants can make a one-time oil purchase, or they can join the olive oil club to receive oil on a biweekly or monthly basis at a discount. These adoption programs provide a way to make a connection between olive oil consumers and the producers who take pride in creating the highest-quality oil possible.

11/2016, LA Times

Frog Hollow Farms is an organic farm in the Northern California city of Brentwood that delivers boxes of Warren pears, a thin-skinned, European-style pear known for its sweetness, juiciness and smooth texture. $31-$260.

07/2016 Men's Journal


Grilled Peaches Will be the Biggest Hit at Your BBQ
Becky Courchesne of Frog Hollow Farm, where they grow about 35 different varieties of peaches in Brentwood, California, said, "If you're really interested in grilling, the Suncrest works well, coming up in mid-June." If you can't find the Suncrest in markets near you, Courchesne also recommends Cal Red, her personal favorite for grilling, or the O’Henry. "Clings don't work very well because, when you grill, you want the juices to pool up in the cavity, and that can't be done with a cling," said Courchesne.


05/2015 SFGate

Frog Hollow’s new cafe menu: even more local



In a building full of great lunches, here is one of the best: pale green slices of just-ripe avocado fanned across thick white toast, drizzled with grassy olive oil and kissed with salt and pepper. It’s pure California indulgence, enhanced only by its setting on the new bayside patio of the Ferry Building’s recently revamped Frog Hollow Farm Café.

07/2014 O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine

 Our scuffins were featured in O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine's July 2014 issue. The article was titled, "Instant Upgrades! A Lightning Round of Simple Swaps for Your Old Standbys." Author Zoe Donaldson wrote, "If it looks like a muffin, tastes like a scone, and is filled with fruit, it can be only one thing: a scuffin."


Our apricot conserve was voted among the best fruit spreads available in the market. What sets Frog Hollow Farm apart that it's the only small, organic farm-made apricot. Here's what the judges comments read: "Most liked the handmade conserve's "nice pieces of apricots" and "very good apricot flavor."


04/2014 The New York Times


Our scuffins were once again featured in The New York Times after they won an online poll about the recipe that readers would most like to make.

"The simple scuffin, sold at farmers’ markets around the Bay Area by the owners of Frog Hollow Farm, rose to the top. It has the shape of a muffin but the soft, flaky dough of a scone — and, like a jelly doughnut, it encloses a shot of sweet fruit in the middle. (Perhaps this third element was the key to victory.)"

Read the article at: The Scuffin Takes the Cake

03/2014 The New York Times

New York Times Our scuffins were featured in The New York Times among the 'most promising combination foods.'


"The scuffin, sold at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco and online by the owners of Frog Hollow farm, has a stout, sconelike dough formed in a muffin shape and a shot of fruit preserves in the center."

Read the article at: A Real Treat or Half-Baked?

01/2013 Cooking Light Magazine

Cooking Light Magazine Our very own Chef Becky's book The Art of Preserving featured in Cooking Light Magazine: 

"...on our way to counting down the top 100 cookbooks of the last 25 years. This month, we reveal our favorites in the technique and equipment category."  





08/15/2012 New York Times

"Farm stands are piled high with the perfect argument for not buying most supermarket peaches. So why even consider the organic fruit from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, Calif.? Because the farm ships its big, handsome peaches unblemished and ready to savor, dripping with rich juice. Unlike many farm-stand peaches, these....."

Article by: Florence Fabricant


Article available online: Food Stuff by Florence Fabricant; Good Enough to Make Farm-Stand Peaches Blush


05/2012 L.A. Times

"Frog Hollow is in Brentwood, 40 miles east of San Francisco in Contra Costa County, one of California's best districts for growing stone fruit, warm during the day but cooled by sea breezes at night, so the fruit stays on the tree long enough to develop full color and flavor....."

Article by: David Karp

Article available online: Market Watch: Frog Hollow's rock star apricot farmer

12/2011 O Magazine

In the Favorite Things Edition - "A Pear to Remember - A pretty box of sun-kissed pears is less expected than chocolates...."



Cover of Cooking Light magazine with two tacos pictured.

08/2011 Cooking Light

"Frog Hollow Farm's rustic peach conserve boasts huge chunks of fruit and a concentrated, buttery, peach cobbler-like taste (though there's no butter in it)..."

Article by: Julianna Grimes

Cover of Better Homes and Gardens magazine with lemon bar squares pictured.

05/2008 Better Homes and Gardens

Jam Session "These varieties made with the best ripe fruit for big flavor, inspire exploring the world beyond toast...."

Feature by: Richard Swearinger

Cover of Edible East Bay periodical with a close up photo of a halved lemon pictured.

Winter 2007 Edible East Bay

"The crew was especially busy on the post-harvest pre-holiday afternoon, making buttery fruit pastries; filling jars with gem-colored marmalades, conserves, and chutneys; toasting grains and seeds for a delicious, nutritious granola..."

Article by: Cheryl Koehler

Cover of O Magazine with a Oprah in a fall scheme pictured.

10/2007 O Magazine

"For those drafty fall nights when you crave foods not for the novelty but for the sustenance they provide, we suggest stocking your freezer with Frog Hollow Farm's savory turnovers...."

Feature by: Whitney Fuller

Cover of GQ Magazine with Steven Colbert pictured.

05/2007 GQ Magazine

"I asked for a mini puff pastry made with organic pears and almond fragipane. It was a triumph...."

Feature by: Alan Richman

Photo of preserves on white ceramic spoons featured in the Nibble article.

07/2006 The Nibble

"The conserves, marmalades, chutneys and pies—like our grandmother used to make—would have made us weep with joy, if we hadn’t been so busy eating..."

Article by: Karen Hochman

Article available online: Frog Hollow Farm Conserves: Kiss This Frog

Photo of Farmer Al in the orchard used as the main image in the Sunset Article.

07/2006 Sunset Magazine

"Here, growers from all over Northern California tempt tourists and locals, home cooks and pro chefs with the most luscious produce imaginable. Some of these fruits and vegetables have attained a cult following - none more powerful than the peaches of Frog Hollow Farm..."

Article by: Jim McCausland

04/2006 House and Garden Magazine

"Hail to the champions of everything that is local, artisanal, organic, and delicious in American Food...."

Feature by: Lora Zarubin


07/2005 The New Mexican

"In his early years on the farm, Al had to grow corn and other things just to make a living while those peach trees grew..."

Article by: Pat Reed


Spring 2005 Gastronomica

"Starting solo, with secondhand equipment, Courchesne did all the work himself, even laying his own irrigation lines...."

Article by: John Grossman


01/2005 Organic Style Magazine

"A trio of Frog Hollow Farm's organic peach, apricot, and nectarine conserves will make breakfast summery, year-round...."

Featured produced by: Unknown


11/2004 Gentry

"The combination of what many believe to be not only the best fruit at the market, but the best in the country, and marvelous pastry is irresistable...."

Article by: Alice Kaufman


08/2004 Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Mentioned in an article celebrating the life of Julia Child. "The peaches from Frog Hollow Farm in Brentwood, Calif., are said to be sweeter than honey, and Child adored them..."

Article by: Hsiao-Ching Chou


11/2003 New York Times

"Last year Frog Hollow in Brentwood, Calif., provided unforgettable peaches; this year they have wondrous Warren pears. Who knew pears could be so sweet and succulent..."

Article by: Marian Burros

Cover of Cooking Light Magazine with a slice of pizza pictured.

07/2003 Cooking Light

"(Farmer Al) planted his first peach tree 27 years ago after uprooting himself and leaving a 10-year teaching career at a private school in Hawaii...."

Article by: John Grossman

Cover of San Francisco Magazine with a cup of espresso pictured.

08/2002 San Francisco Magazine

#2 on the list of 125 best things to eat in the Bay Area! "Drip-down-your-arm juicy, these oh-so-sweet organic peaches taste of summer itself..."

Article by: Jan Newberry

Cover of Gourmet Magazine with a burger pictured.

06/2002 Gourmet Magazine

"Tasting a ripe apricot straight from the grove makes it simple to understand why the Chinese ideogram for the fruit depicts an open mouth uner a tree..."

Article by: David Karp


11/2001 Oakland Tribune

"...when real culinary talent combines with a committment to using only the best seasonal, locally grown, organic ingredients, then something truly special is created."

Article by: Laurel Miller

Cover of Fine Cooking Magazine with burger on a spatula pictured.

07/2001 Fine Cooking Magazine

"Frog Hollow Farm is Certified Organic, with a reputation for some of the best-tasting varieties of peaches, apricots, plums, nectarines, and cherries anywhere...."

Article by: Amy Albert