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CSA members receive weekly newsletters to keep you informed on the fruit of the week, news from the farm, featured product add-ons, farm events, and holiday delivery changes. Please be sure to check communication from us regularly so you don’t miss anything.

We ask that all new members read the Policies and Procedures below to ensure that CSA subscriptions run smoothly and that members clearly understand how the CSA functions. We reserve the right to update our policies at any time and thank you for your understanding. Please contact us with feedback, questions, or concerns at

Payment Policies

Notice: Frog Hollow Farm does all it can to ensure a fruitful harvest each year.  All CSA members are committed to sharing in seasonal gains or losses. Certain environmental conditions, such as weather or pests, are beyond Frog Hollow Farms' control and do not qualify for refund. 


CSA Subscription Pricing Options 

Upon signing up for a Frog Hollow CSA subscription, members will be prompted to select a preferred box size, subscription duration, and delivery frequency (weekly or bi-weekly). 

Subscription purchases are allocated to members as ‘credits.’ Each credit is good for one week’s delivery of your chosen box size.

The longer your subscription commitment, the greater the discount you will receive on box orders. Please see the membership subscription options below:

Sustaining Membership - 6 months

Commit to Frog Hollow CSA for 6 months with one full advance payment, and enjoy a discounted subscription. Sustaining Members may subscribe any time throughout the year. We do not offer refunds on sustaining memberships. Sustaining Member subscription does not auto-renew.

Recurring Payment Members - Auto Renewing Subscription

Recurring Payment Members may subscribe any time throughout the year, and are charged for their upcoming delivery cycle at the order deadline.  We do not offer refunds for recurring payments billed.  Recurring Payment members may choose to pay for 1 delivery credit or 4 delivery credits and the card on file will be billed accordingly. 

Subscription Pricing Breakdown

1 & 4 credit subscriptions are auto-renewing.

Sustaining subscriptions are available for fruit shares only. At either 13 or 26 delivery credits sustaining subscriptions do not auto-renew. The 13 credit is for bi-weekly delivery, and the 26 credit is for weekly delivery.


Fruit Shares  Mini  Single Double
1 Credit Billing $21.00 $35.00 $63.00
4 Credit Billing $79.99 $133.00 $239.00
13 Credit
(Bi-weekly delivery)
$245.00 $389.00 $699.00
26 Credit
(Weekly delivery)
$490.00 $775.00 $1,400.00



Vegetable Shares One Size
1 Credit Billing $30.00
4 Credit Billing  $115.00


Subscription Preferences

Fruit Box Sizing

**Poundage of each box may vary +/- a pound depending on the crops we are packing.

Mini - Approximately 3.5 lbs of seasonal mixed fruit delivered weekly or bi-weekly.** Our smallest box is designed for 1-2. 

Single - Approximately 7 lbs of seasonal mixed fruit delivered weekly or bi-weekly.** Our most popular box size. 

Double - Approximately 14 lbs of seasonal mixed fruit delivered weekly or bi-weekly. Fruit lovers box. 

Vegetable Box Sizing

We offer a one-size vegetable box. Depending on how much you cook, the box will feed a family of 2-3 people.

Pick-Up Policies

CSA members are responsible for picking up their boxes and add-ons during the designated pick-up hours for their selected location. Specified pick-up sites may offer 24 hour grace periods in the case that a member is unable to pick-up their box. If applicable, grace periods should only be utilized in exceptional or abnormal circumstances, and are explicitly offered for your convenience. Frog Hollow Farm is not responsible for any items not picked up on the day they were delivered. 

If your items are not collected by the end of pick-up hours or after the grace period (if applicable to your specific site) then your items will be donated. Late pick-ups are not eligible for credits or replacements. If a member does not find their item(s) at the pick-up location or finds an issue with their product(s), they must contact by 11 am the morning following their delivery to be eligible for a box credit or replacement. 

CSA members are responsible for following the correct CSA pick-up and sign-in protocol, and are required to review Sign-Out Sheet and the Pick-Up Protocols upon joining the program. 

We provide a graphic that breaks out box sizes in the welcome email and the delivery reminder emails. If a member picks up the wrong size which was destined for another member or takes another member’s add-ons, the member in error is responsible for payment of the item(s).

Pick-up Procedures

In order to make pick-ups run smoothly for everyone, CSA members should do the following: Check the sign-out sheet.  Be sure your name is on the list before you take anything. The item(s) you ordered will be listed next to your name.  Sign out on the form before you leave.

Picking up your fruit box
Be sure you are taking the right size box.
Fruit subscription boxes are not labeled, so be sure you take the fruit box size that is listed with your name on the sign-out sheet. Box size information is also displayed in your welcome email and in your delivery reminder email.  If you see a label on the box that says “add-on” or has someone else’s name listed on the side, do not take the box.

Picking up your vegetable box
Vegetable boxes have a label displayed on the side that says “Vegetable Share” but does not have member names. Please take as many boxes as you’ve ordered.

Picking up Add-Ons
Add-ons are packed separately from fruit and add-on subscription boxes. To find your add-on(s) look for a box with your name labeled on the side. If you’ve ordered frozen items, they will be packed in a brown cardboard cooler box. Please remove your items from the box and leave the cooler behind. If you’ve ordered multiple add-ons you may have multiple boxes.

Picking up Fresh Fruit Add-Ons
We pack our fresh fruit and vegetable add-ons in the same boxes as our fruit subscription boxes. Fresh produce add-ons will have your name on the side of the box and a red add-on sticker on top of the box.  

Return your boxes
We reuse our fruit subscription boxes many, many times. Please return your empty box(es) when you go to pick up your next delivery.  Leave it stacked neatly at your pick-up location. 


Order Deadlines and Subscription Change Deadlines

All changes to your account for the following week or billing cycle must be made through your member dashboard via your CSA member online account by 12 am (midnight) 48 hours before your next scheduled delivery day. This includes delivery holds, add-on orders, pick-up site changes, subscription cancellations, or any other changes to your account. You will receive an email confirmation confirming holds, add-on orders placed and cancellations.  If you miss the deadline, you will be billed for your next week’s delivery. Add-on orders placed after order deadline will not be included in your upcoming delivery but will be scheduled for your next available delivery. If you would like us to make a change for you different deadlines apply.

Please click here for a detailed breakdown of deadlines or see below. 

Please help us and your fellow CSA members by only ordering what you need for the immediate future. We may use our discretion to limit quantities of individual orders so that we can continue to provide food to all of our CSA members across the Bay Area.

Delivery Holds

We understand that there will be times when you are not able to pick-up your delivery, which is why we accommodate vacation holds.  You can place vacation holds through your member dashboard via your online CSA account. Vacation holds must be placed by 11:59 pm 48 hours before your next scheduled delivery day via your online account. If you’d like for our Customer Care representative to place a hold for you, different deadlines will apply.  Please see below for a detailed breakdown of deadlines by delivery day.

Members with Tuesday deliveries have until Saturday night at 11:59 pm to make changes to their order via online login account. If you would like us to make any changes to your account, you will need to contact us by Friday afternoon at 12 pm on Friday at

Members with Wednesday deliveries have until Sunday night at 11:59 pm to make changes to their order via online login account.  If you would like us to make any changes to your account, you will need to contact us by Friday afternoon at 12 pm at

Members with Thursday deliveries have until Monday night at 11:59 pm to make changes to their order via online login account.  If you would like us to make any changes to your account, you will need to contact us by Monday afternoon at 12 pm at

Members with Saturday deliveries have until Tuesday night at 11:59 pm to make changes to their order via online login account.  If you would like us to make any changes to your account, you will need to contact us by Tuesday afternoon at 12 pm at

Recurring Billing members - you will not be debited for a delivery placed on hold.

Sustaining members - the delivery held will be put into your account as a credit, which will be used at the end of your existing purchase for the next consecutive delivery. 


Problems With Your Order / Items Missing At Your Pick-Up

We strive to pack you the most flavorful fruit possible and work hard to avoid food waste.  The fruit we pack in our CSA boxes is not cosmetically perfect and will often be ripe and ready to eat. Your fruit should always be delicious. If you find fruit in your box that you feel is not edible and is more than cosmetically challenged, we are happy to replace it with your next order. Please just send us a picture to  

Something is missing from your order
We try to avoid delivery errors to the best of our ability but occasionally, mistakes will happen.  If you have an item listed on the sign out sheet, and you do not find it at the pick-up, please email us immediately at We cannot be held responsible for items missing that were not picked up on the day they were delivered. Please be sure to contact us by 11 am the day after your pick-up so we can assist you. 

If an item is missing, we can either send it along with your next delivery or issue you a credit to your CSA cash account. Cash account credits will be used toward your next purchase(s) until the balance reaches zero. We do not offer cash refunds.