Our Team

The wellness of our farm team matters just as much as that of our ecosystem. We employ generations of families on the farm. Year-round employment and onsite housing allows for that longevity and for skill-building and expanding leadership opportunities over time. Our crew, many of whom have been working for us for decades, are highly skilled in tree care, maintenance, and harvest techniques. We value their expertise and hard work, as well as their well-being. When the pandemic hit, our farm hosted vaccination clinics for our team and the surrounding community. Our entire farm crew—including kitchen crew, packing team, field crew, and office staff—have access to monthly wellness workshops and ​​community restorative trainings with a trusted facilitator who guides us through breathing techniques, stretching, meditation, and holistic wellness education.


As members of our larger foodshed, we build partnerships with food equity organizations around the Bay Area and donate regularly to our local food banks. We follow and participate in food equity conversations at the policy level. And we promote food education through our Community Supported Agriculture program, as well as farm tours for school groups. We've developed long-time reciprocal relationships with other farms, from whom we source produce when our orchard is dormant. Cultivating these direct relationships within our food systems helps to keep small, family-run farms going.


As an organic operation, our farm team is never exposed to synthetic pesticides and neither are our customers. Everything we do on the farm to care for our soil, trees, and team translates into high nutritional value and unparalleled flavor in our fruit. Our highly skilled team picks our fruit tree-ripe, allowing for maximum flavor and nutrients to develop. Because our harvest and fruit-packing crews are so skilled in handling especially ripe, delicate fruit, the “brix” level (a measurement of sugar and nutrient development) of our fruit is off the charts! When soil and crops are healthy, so are people. Consumers in turn enjoy healthier, more nutrient-dense, tastier food whose production has not harmed land or humans.