Rutabaga Soup
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On a cold day, nothing quite warms you up like a hot bowl of soup. From its creamy yet hearty texture to its simple flavors, the meal is just what you're looking for as the temperatures drop and winds whip through the trees outdoors. And with grilled cheese added into the mix, this toasted, melty combination elevates the experience - and makes for a filling lunch or dinner.

Or during the spring and summer season, a light and nutrient packed soup makes a delicious meal with a summer salad.

Craving soup but don't have the time or ingredients on hand to make a pot from scratch? The Frog Hollow Farm Kitchen gets creative with a variety of vegetables throughout the year. All you have to do is order and heat from home!

About Our Farm Kitchen's Soups

Like everything else we create, we keep our soups classic yet richly flavorful, with each recipe based on traditional combinations.

For us, the perfect bowl of soup is precisely pureed, to the point it's creamy and silky smooth. We've given this treatment to butternut squash - earthy and nutty and known for its beta carotene content - as well as various root vegetables, like potatoes, the underutilized rutabaga, parsnips and celery root. Green vegetables like broccoli and asparagus shine and are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Try each to experience a spectrum of flavors and textures from luscious and velvety to savory to lightly sweet.

Missing cream soups as you follow a low- to no-dairy diet? Some of our selections capture this timeless texture while being 100% vegan!

Complete Your Meal

Splash in some of our Tuscan-style olive oil to enhance the flavor profile. Or, try our Grilled Cheese Kit for a gourmet version of this classic. We've paired Acme bread with creamy Carmody cheese and our sweet-to-hot Apricot Pepper Jelly for spreading on a slight kick!