Picking now: Apache Apricots and Brooks cherries. Happy Harvest 2012!

farmer al tasting a brooks cherryHappy Harvest 2012!

We are picking the Apache apricot, our early ripening variety which is the first fruit off our trees this year. The Apache is a big hit at the farmers market, so much so that I sold just about everything I brought with me this last Saturday. We also started picking our Brooks cherry. I expected our Brooks cherry to be ready to ship starting the 15th, but after snacking on a few (as seen in the picture) earlier this week I feel that giving them until Tuesday the 21st on the branch will benefit them...and you!

Our long-time customers know that I take the idea of Tree to Table to a higher standard than other mail order fruit suppliers. Growing and packing what comes from my farm, Tree to Table in 48 hours is my goal. We pick your fruit the same day we ship it, and we never ship out at the end of the week where your precious fruit will end up sweating in a warehouse over the weekend. Freshly picked and properly ripened fruit has no equal, and neither does Frog Hollow Farm fruit!

I hope you enjoy the Apaches this week. We may have some heading into next week, with our new variety, the Kettleman arriving on its heels.

Organically yours,



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