About Us

Our Mission

Frog Hollow Farm is committed to regenerative agriculture. We want to bring high quality, fresh, organic produce to people everywhere with the least impact on our land, people and community.

Our Farm

Frog Hollow Farm is a 280-acre farm located in Brentwood, California. We grow legendary organic fruits and produce small-batch gourmet foods sold directly to consumers through our website, farmers’ market, CSA and at select local retailers. You'll also find our fruit on the menu at fine restaurants, used by other food and beverage producers.

Our farm is home to thousands of trees which produce peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, apriums, plums, pluots, pears, olives, persimmons, quince, apples, meyer lemons, blood oranges and more. We are certified organic with CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and committed to regenerative practices. Sustainability is an important value that Farmer Al has embraced since choosing to go organic in 1989. We steward our land with care and believe in treading lightly, so not only is the world a better, healthier place, but your neighbors and family are, too. In addition to our regenerative growing practices, we believe in fair labor practices. Many farms rely primarily on seasonal hires, and though our ranks swell during the harvest season as well, because we tend to our trees by hand and have a commercial kitchen on premises, we provide year-round employment for many local residents. 

Our Regenerative Organic Farming Principles

In broad terms, organic farming means fewer chemicals--eliminating synthetic fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. To enrich Frog Hollow Farm's soil, Farmer Al uses seaweed, fish, limestone, and compost. The farm has its own compost piles which is primarily made up from our orchard's clippings, scraps discarded from the farm kitchen, and fruit which has fallen from the limb or has been damaged (such as by birds or weather). In 2010 Farmer Al has been experimenting with other compost bases, including incorporating coffee grounds from Blue Bottle Coffee.

In lieu of chemicals destructive to health and the environment, Farmer Al uses a variety of methods to control pests and weeds. Most weeds grow freely amongst the trees and are considered ground cover that is tilled back into the soil when necessary. Pest control may mean introducing beneficial insects to combat destructive insects or the use of a ZON gun which creates a simulated shotgun noise to scare away birds. Spraying does occur in the orchard, however it is only with natural, bacterial insecticides or mineral-based applications. We strictly adhere to all requirements of the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) which is the organization accrediting the CCOF certification we hold.

Our Team

We have wonderful and diverse team of farmers, chefs, customer service, sales and marketing people.

Our Legendary Fruit

We do our best to find a use for all our fruit as only 2% of fruit is cosmetically perfect. Our best-looking fruit that is firm enough to have good shelf life goes to grocery stores, most of which are local. Beautiful fruit that is ripe enough to have great flavor and survive shipping goes to our Mail Order customers. Fruit with minor blemishes makes up the bulk of any harvest and much of it goes with us to area Farmer's Markets. Ripe and ready to eat blemished fruit finds a home in the weekly boxes of our Community Supported Agriculture program. Having a kitchen onsite allows us to use much of the fruit which would otherwise not find a home, and we also regularly donate hundreds of pounds to the Contra Costa Food Bank. All fruit that is too damaged to use goes into our farm's compost piles.

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