Farmer Al's Weekly Pick: Our Granola Is Addicting!

Farmer Al's Weekly Pick:   Our Granola Is Addicting!


Greetings from the farm!

One of my year-round favorites from our kitchen happens to be our farm-fresh granola - in fact, many customers have called it addicting! While working as a baker at Alice Waters' Cafe Fanny, my wife, Chef Becky became a fan of their granola, a Waters family recipe. Becky began experimenting with making granola, and soon came up with her own (and my favorite) recipe.  I've tried a lot of granola in my days, and I haven't had any that I like as much as ours. 

The secret?  It's simple with a toasty flavor and beautiful warm brown color. Our granola features big clusters of organic rolled oats, almonds, raisins, sunflower and sesame seeds all toasted in sweet golden honey. 

It's become a staple at our Ferry Building Cafe, where customers line up for our parfaits which feature our fresh organic fruit, granola and yogurt. I know you'll enjoy our granola on its own as a snack - or better yet, add our Seasonal Fruit Sampler or organic conserves to your order and make your own delicious parfait.

Organically Yours,


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