Mushroom & Leek Empanadas now available from the Farm Kitchen

mushroom and leek empanada baked and plated Mushroom & Leek Empanadas

Our mushroom and leek empanadas are one of our most popular savory veggie flavors. Made in small batches as with all of our pastries, everything begins by brushing the mushrooms clean. Once everything is trimmed and sliced, the empanadas are individually hand-filled and folded, then immediately frozen for easy baking in our ovens here at the farm, at our Ferry Building cafe, or in our customer's homes when shipped mail order. When baked, the richness of the portobellas mingle with spritely zing of thinly sliced leeks in each hearty bite.

Empanadas measure roughly 5.5" x 2.5" inches, making them ideal as a brunch item, or as part of a light lunch (we recommend a side salad of crisp, bitter greens topped with sliced almonds and blood oranges).

This item sells in a pack of 6 for $40 or 12 for $70, and ships frozen, ready to bake. It is also featured as part of our Brunch Collection.

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