Farmer Al's Weekly Pick: Dried Peaches

Farmer Al's Weekly Pick:  Dried Peaches


Greetings from the Farm,

My favorite go-to snack as Spring approaches are our dried Suncrest peaches. Throughout our harvest, we dry our stonefruit on wooden trays lined up in the orchard, leaving us with the summer flavors we love at any time of the year. Each of the varieties we dry have their own unique taste and texture. As with the peach when it's fresh, these dried Suncrests are a hearty mouthful. The Suncrest's flesh is dense for a freestone and the peach retains this quality when dried, leaving a stand-out texture. It's a bit tart and not too perfumy, making the sugars that much more noticeable. I'm positive you'll be satisifed with a handful. We always sell-out of our dried fruit each year before the new harvest begins, so get yours now before it's too late!  

Also available right now for a short period of time is our Strawberry-cherry Conserve. Chef Becky rustled up enough strawberries to make a smaller than usual batch, and we know you've been asking about it. If you missed it the last time it was here and gone again, try a jar! I know you'll love the mix of strawberries with our dark sweet bings.

Have you tried our olive oil yet?  Our 2011 pressing will soon be available. Now's the time to try our 2010 estate-grown extra virgin olive oil, which features a smooth robust taste as opposed to the grassy & peppery flavor profile our olive oil is known for. This has been a great cooking oil!
Organically Yours,


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