Q: I have a discount code. Will I accrue frogs on the actual price or the discounted price?

A: You earn 1 frog for every dollar you spend (does not include shipping). When you use a discount code, you receive frogs on the discounted price you pay.

Q: What happens to my frogs if request a refund on a product?

A: We deduct frogs from your account when we process your refund.

Q: My friend is a big fan of Frog Hollow Farm and already has an account. Can I share the referral link and get the savings?

A: Great to hear! Keep in mind, our system tracks our existing customers. At this time, we’re only offering referral discounts (and $10 coupons to Froggy Referrers) when a new customer creates an account and make a purchase. Keep spreading the word!

Q: Why do I have fewer than expected Frogs?

A: Our Froggy Rewards program came into effect on April 24, 2017 and only applies to purchases made after that date. If you see a discrepancy then please give us a call at 1.888.779.4511.

Q: How do I view my Froggy Rewards balance?

A: Access your Froggy Rewards Balance and find discount codes using these steps.