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Organic Reed Avocados

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We're excited to offer this new green-skinned avocado variety. Reeds are larger, rounder, and creamier than the popular Hass variety. Not widely available commercially, they are coveted for their creamy smooth texture, buttery flesh, and bold nutty flavor. Give this new avocado a try today.

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      As organic and regenerative farmers, we are dedicated to growing legendary fruit in a way that protects and nurtures our environment and soil. When not harvesting our own fruit we partner with other farms that share our commitment to producing legendary fruit.

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      Rates are approximations. Exact rates will be provided at checkout.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 71 reviews
      Barbara Banks
      Organic Reed Avocado

      I enjoyed this avocado. But I love the Bacon and Fuentes best

      They Are Quite Tasty…the cost was less expensive

      The avocados were quite tasty and beautiful!!
      The vascular bundles were hardly there or weren’t existent!!💗
      I wish the cost wasn’t less expensive, like $15/$20 less.

      Thank you for all your hard work and dedication on the daily!!

      Marie H
      Beautiful Avocados

      These were the loveliest Avocados. They were so big and fresh and absolutely delicious. I would highly recommend purchasing your avocados and other fruit and pastries from Frog Hollow Farm if you enjoy exceptional produce.

      Annamaria Mathe
      Beyond delicious

      So creamy and delicious!

      Gregg Beasley
      Best avocados ever.

      They were a present for my sister. You will definitely have an on going order from us.