Sharing the Fruits of Our Labor with Our Kids

Sharing the Fruits of Our Labor with Our Kids

Father’s Day is Sunday and I’m looking forward to spending time with family. It feels good to celebrate fatherhood and watch our kids—Maddie and Millie—grow up here on the farm. While we spare them the farm chores, they enjoy the tree plantings, harvests, and of course, the fruits of our labor. They understand that growing sustainable, organic fruits and vegetables is a process that takes time and dedication. And love.

Speaking of love, we’ve got Blenheim and Goldensweet apricots next week! I’m delighted to see the February freeze left a few apricot trees mostly unscathed—we’ve got a small harvest that is looking really good. Blenheims are an apricot-lover’s dream—they’re sweet and delicate to eat out of hand and they make excellent jam. Goldensweets are among our most popular apricots, known for their sweet flavor and beautiful blush.

And peach season is here! We will have Flavorcrest peaches next week—this is a classic variety that reminds us of Suncrests and O’Henry’s. Flavorcrest peaches have a delicate flesh that bruises easily and a very sweet, melting texture. Enjoy them as a delicious snack, over ice cream or cereal, or throw them on the grill.

We’ll have Emeraude white nectarines next week, too. This variety is known for its subtle sweetness and low acidity. Emeraude is a very versatile nectarine—they make great lunch box additions, and they’re delicious in salads and jams.

With Father’s Day and a beautiful harvest ahead, there’s a lot to look forward to!

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