Fruit Shortage, Ingenuity Result in New Amaretti Cookie Recipe

Necessity is the mother of invention… and the magician of new gluten-free cookie recipes.

After years of making Amaretti cookies with Frog Hollow Farm dried apricots, Chef Becky realized she was down to her last ‘cot. In a pinch, she opened a jar of orange marmalade, and our new Amaretti cookie was born. This cookie is crisp on the outside and macaroon-soft on the inside, with subtle orange flavors that mingle with toasted almonds. Chef Becky kept the recipe gluten-free, opting for her own amaretti-flavored almond flour mix. Her fans are hooked on the new recipe. “I think the flavors of this cookie are cleaner with almond and citrus and less cloying,” she says. “They are delicious with citrus compote desserts, sorbets, or ice creams.” Or… right out of the bag! Enjoy!

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