Martha Stewart Introduces Our Family of Peaches to QVC Shoppers

Leave it to Martha Stewart to understand the tight-knit relationship we have with our many organic peach varieties.

“They treat these fruits as kin, like members of the family, they’re so utterly amazing,” she said recently on QVC, recalling her visit to Frog Hollow Farm years ago.

In an early summer segment on QVC, Martha Stewart shared boxes of Frog Hollow Farm peaches and as you would expect, she had many delicious ideas for shoppers. She talked about trying them in peach jam or a peach buckle, grilling them, poaching them, or slicing them into sangria. Of course, that’s if you can resist eating one fresh, letting the juice drip down your fingers and chin like a kid on a summer day.

“These are the best peaches you have ever bitten into,” she said, and we agree.
It starts with knowing our 16 varieties inside and out. From Crimson Lady to Gold Dust to O’Henry and Cal Red, we can tell you the differences between an early and late variety peach. We know their flavor profiles and the best ways to enjoy them. Season after season, we nurture the soil—that wonderful, rich, unsung hero that’s behind every succulent bite. We watch the trees, knowing every variety has their quirks and preferences. And when our peaches are ready to harvest, we wait just a little longer, letting them bask in the orchard another day or two, until their ripeness is undeniable. Finally, the ladders come out. We hand pick each peach and gently, carefully hand-wrap them and deliver them to your doorstep.

Just like Martha said, our many peach varieties ripen in sequence. You can enjoy a whole season of sweetness from June to September. Martha loves our peaches, we love our peaches, and you will too!

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