Amaretties - Our New Gluten Free Cookies

Amaretties - Our New Gluten Free Cookies

     Before working at Frog Hollow Farm, I was a Farmers’ Market Chef, teaching people how to prepare dishes that could be made in 15 to 20 minutes. My co-chef and I would travel to at least three Farmers’ Markets a week, setting up and taking down our temporary kitchen. Since we were always on the move we traveled light, which meant very basic cooking appliances. Most of our dishes were either prepared on a stove top, cast iron grill, or in a mixing bowl. ​All were made to be eaten instantly.

     Now that I am with Frog Hollow the game has changed. While I am still working with delicious Farm fresh produce, the recipes I create for farm products need to be able to hold up in shipping, and stand a shelf life. For the past couple months I have been trying to find a balance between fresh and long lasting.
While working at the Farmers’ Markets I learned that if you use simple and good quality ingredients your food will most often turn out delicious. I wanted to apply this theory with baking and develop a tasty yet simple treat that could be shipped to people across the country.

     Taking into consideration the need for a gluten free item, I thought I would challenge myself to make a flourless cookie. After doing some research I was very inspired by Amaretties. An Amaretti is an Italian almond macaroon that is typically crisp on the outside and soft in the middle.

     Our Amaretti cookies showcase the legendary flavors of Frog Hollow Farm, with aromas of lemon and the flavors of dried apricot and almond. They pair wonderfully with tea or coffee and are a perfect flourless dessert option for Passover.


Try them on their own, or enjoy them with our Pluot Chocolate Chip Cookies and Triple Chocolate Olive Oil Brownies in our Cookie Trio Box.

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