Serving Up Summer with Scrumptious Grilled Peaches

Serving Up Summer with Scrumptious Grilled Peaches

Peach season is upon us! Celebrate the flavors of the summer season at your 4th of July gathering by grilling up some of our freshly picked organic peaches. You simply won’t believe how delicious a grilled peach tastes… Imagine the sweetness of a traditional canned peach with the vibrancy, texture, and freshness of fruit picked right off the tree. A touch of smokey, caramelized flavor rounds out each bite. It’s quick and easy to please your taste buds with this fun summer recipe, and there’s nothing that quite compares—eat them fresh off the grill, paired with ice cream for a scrumptious dessert, or toss them in your salad for added tang and sweetness.

While grilled peaches taste delicious however you eat them, try serving up this fantastic Early Summer Salad of Grilled Peaches, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Salt-Soaked Mozzarella. A personal favorite for our team here at Frog Hollow Farm, the flavors of this perfectly balanced salad are memorably delicious. Serve this recipe at your 4th of July gathering this summer to surprise and impress your family and friends—we promise you won’t have a bite left over.  

Grilling Your Peaches


Firm but ripe peaches (choose your desired amount)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


  1. Select firm but ripe peaches for grilling. Carefully wash, and cut in half vertically from top to blossom end by running the knife along the edge of the pit. Repeat the cut, shifting your knife over 25 degrees. Carefully remove the lengthwise slices from the pit, taking care to maintain their shape.
  2. After allowing your grill to reach high heat, brush the grill with a layer of olive oil, and allow the oil to smoke off. Oil application imbues the peach slices with light flavor and ensures that your peach slices will come off the grill easily after you cook them.
  3. Place your peach sections flesh down against a grill, allowing to cook for 1.5-3 minutes on either side. Be sure to monitor your slices—cook time may vary depending on the size of your pieces, the ripeness of your fruit, and the temperature of your grill. Look for burn lines on the flesh of the peach, this will ensure you allow enough time for caramelization.
  4. Remove cooked slices promptly and allow to cool. Serve as you wish!

Early Summer Salad of Grilled Peaches, Heirloom Tomatoes, and Salt-Soaked Mozzarella


1 eight-ounce container of Mozzarella soaked in salty water for 24 hours, cut into quarters, then cut in half

2 medium-sized freestone peaches, cut in half, seed removed, then cut into quarters

¼ cup pine nuts, toasted and salted

6 small basil leaves, torn

12 green olives, pit removed and cut in half vertically

3 mixed heirloom tomatoes, cut in half, then into quarters

Olive oil and vinegar to taste

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste 


Place the ingredients on a serving platter to your liking. Season and dress to taste.

Serve at once. 



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