Organic Tomatoes


We are excited to be partnering with Becky and Al's niece and nephew from Dirty Girl Produce to bring you their renowned Dry Farmed Early Girl Tomatoes. Dry Farmed Early Girls were introduced to the US from France in the 1970s. After the plants are established, irrigation is cut off forcing the roots to grow deeper into the soil to seek water and nutrients. Though this stresses the plant, it results in an intensely sweet and flavorful tomato that uses minimal water.

Roast 'em! Grill 'em! Sauce 'em! Bake with 'em! Do what your heart desires with this tasty assortment of red tomatoes.


  • 2lbs = Approx. 6-14 fruits
  • 4lbs = Approx. 16-32 fruits
  • 8lbs = Approx. 34-60 fruits


Fruit: Tomatoes
Variety: Early Girl
Farm: Dirty Girl Produce
Grown: Watsonville, CA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Zac Spinetto
So tasty! Some of the best tomatoes

These are delicious tomatoes. Super deep red, juicy, sweet, flavorful.

Susan McDowell
Best tomatoes

Love love love these early girl tomatoes!

Early Girl Tomatoes

These tomatoes were wonderful!!! Ate them like a snack, with a little salt… delicious!!

Brenda Goldberg
THE best tomatoes!!!

These tomatoes are so intensely tomatoey, there are no words to describe them, actually. They are nothing short of amazing!!

John Richard
Best Time of Year

Dry Farmed Tomatoes are finally in season - these are absolutely the best!

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