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  • Winter Cheese Plate Ideas - Frog Hollow Farm

    Make Superbowl Sunday better than ever with this delicious party platter idea from Frog Hollow Farm. We paired some of our seasonally ripe organ...
  • Top 5 Picks for a Delicious Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away! If you’re looking for something sweet to give your loved ones, look no further. Here are top 5 picks for Valentine’s Day from Frog Hollow Farm.
  • Winter at Frog Hollow Farm: Why We Prune, When We Prune

    Winter is full of projects we don't have time to do during the busy fruiting season. One of the biggest tasks during the fall and winter is pruning.
  • Frog Hollow Farm to Plant 18 Acres of Almond Trees in 2018

    Frog Hollow will be planting 18 acres of almond trees in 2018! Even though we are skilled at growing other stone fruits (yes, almond is a stone fruit), almonds will require some new techniques, including tree shaking for harvest and post-harvest removal of hulls and shells. 
  • Popular Meyer Lemon Cake Makes the News!

    It’s fun to see your name in lights. That’s how we felt when we saw the story about our Meyer Lemon Cake in the Mercury News.
  • Highlights from Frog Hollow Farm's 2017 Olive Harvest: Tree to Tote

    Did you know that 60lbs of fresh olives yield one gallon of Frog Hollow Olio Nuovo?
  • Frog Hollow Farm's Rum-tastic Fruitcake Makes Everything Better!

    Packed with sun-dried fruits from the farm and walnuts, the fruitcake is traditional in that it is loaded with fine quality dark rum; oh yes, a lot of rum!
  • Fierce team work makes Warren pear crop a reality in 2017

    Frog Hollow Farm’s soft, sweet and juicy Warren pears are back! This year, they arrive in Bay Area farmer’s markets and on your doorstep carrying the story of our strong farming community and perseverance in tenuous political times.
  • Think Twice Before You Mow: Re-evaluating Weeds at Frog Hollow Farm

    In an organic orchard, you are never going to get rid of all the plants in your understory, nor would you want to (bare ground is the #1 way to ki...
  • Why Soil Health Means Everything to A Farmer

    Here's a great infographic about building soil from Kiss the Ground. It explains so perfectly why we are trying to increase our soil microbial life...
  • Frog Hollow's Flavor King Pluot Is A 'Taste Test Winner'

    After more than 15 years of rallying for them, I am finally beginning to see the fruits of my labor (pun intended) when it comes to the Flavor Kin...
  • Froggy Rewards Prove that Yes, You Can Buy Happiness

    Frog Hollow Farm has unveiled Froggy Rewards, a new program that delights your wallet—and your friends—when you shop at Savings and...