Saint Patrick's Day Special: Kiwi Sorbet / Kiwi Granita Recipe

Saint Patrick's Day Special: Kiwi Sorbet / Kiwi Granita Recipe

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, which means most bars and restaurants will be dying their beverages and baked goods a festive green. At Frog Hollow Farm we like to showcase our fruit and indulge in dishes made from natural and seasonal ingredients. If anything it gives us a healthy challenge. While brainstorming recipes we were thinking green, and came up with a brilliant idea for a kiwi granita - its simple, refreshing, and can be enjoyed throughout the week. All you really need is a little sugar, fruit, a freezer, and five minutes.


Granita is a Sicilian dish made of fruit juice or coffee, water, and sugar. The ingredients are spread into a wide pan and put into the freezer. Once the ice begins to form, the crystals are shaved and spread to the side every 30 minutes, through out the course of several hours. The end product resembles a snow cone made with natural ingredients. Because of its light and refreshing qualities the granita is often enjoyed between meals as a palette cleanser, or as a light breakfast accompanied by a crisp piece of fresh bread. Soda bread would be an appropriate pairing for St. Patrick’s Day.


Granitas can be made with a variety of fruit juices or purees, however the most common flavors are lemon and coffee. We put a twist on the traditional recipes by substituting kiwi! The green hue makes it a natural pick for St. Patty’s Day.  Knowing that this is a very dense  and meaty fruit, we were unsure if it would work for a light flakey granita, but anticipated a tasty outcome.


Instead of using water we thinned out the kiwi with tangerine juice, thinking that it would brighten, rather than dilute the flavor. We then blended the fruit with a little sugar, and spread it into a pan. Several hours later we removed the pan from the freezer and noticed that the texture lent itself more to the granita's cousin –the sorbet.


Even though it wasn’t what we were originally aiming for, the end product was delicious. The meat of the kiwi made for a dense creamy texture that was perfect for scooping into an ice-cream dish or cone. Similar to the granita, the sorbet would pair nicely with a fresh crisp piece of bread. Enjoy it as a snack, dessert, or maybe get a little crazy and eat it for breakfast!


Chef Becky and I are having fun experimenting with all the different ways we can use the wonderful fruit from Frog Hollow Farm and so should you! Sometimes the mistakes that happen in the kitchen will lead to the most delicious recipes.


Happy St. Patty’s Day!


-Chef Anna



Kiwi Tangelo Sorbet



12 small and very ripe kiwis

1 cup tangelo juice (about 3 tangelos)

1/2 cup sugar




Peel the kiwi, puree in a blender or food processor until smooth.  Add the sugar and tangelo juice and mix together until the sugar crystals have dissolved.  Pour into a wide flat container, stainless steel or plastic is best and one that will fit lying flat in your freezer.  You may want to clear a space first; you will need a good 4 hours to chill thoroughly without it sloshing about every time you move it.  


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