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Cal Red - The Peach That Made An Organic Farm Famous!

Do you remember that feeling of biting into a peach and being completely surprised by how sweet and juicy it is? That's how I recall my first taste of a Cal Red peach, nearly 35 years ago! Since then, our association has come a long way; it is now my favorite peach from the different varieties we grow at Frog Hollow. This beloved fruit is in a class by itself - a true "Oh my God" peach. In fact, it was the Cal Red that made Frog Hollow Farm famous.

These peaches put Frog Hollow Farm on the map of California peach growers way back in 1977 when all we had was an acre of Cal Red peaches. We were a U-pick operation back then and people would line up outside our little farm-stand in Brentwood with buckets in both hands to pick as much as they could. The word soon spread and we started getting orders from local grocery stores that wanted these peaches; this was the first peach they asked for by name. Everyone wanted the Cal Reds and thus was born a new chapter in the history of our small, family-owned operation. Now, we have customers asking for Cal Red peaches from all across the country - even Alaska and Hawaii!

What makes the Cal Red so memorable to discerning peach lovers across the United States is its low acidity and naturally sweet flavor. Aptly named after the Golden State, the Cal Red is a beautiful golden peach marked with a gentle, sun-kissed blush. They have a dense flesh and firm texture.

I hope you get your hands on some of these amazing peaches soon.

Organically yours,


  • My wife brought home some absolutely luscious organic peaches a few weeks ago from Gelsons Market in Marina Del Rey. They had your little tag on them and I asked her to bring home anything else with Frog Hollow Farm on them the next time she shopped. Those were yellow peaches with red near the pit and outward, and about 2 inches in diameter. On her next visit they had been replaced by larger, more yellow Frog Hollow Farm peaches. Again they were the best peaches she had ever brought home. She got more on her next trip, and then it was time for the best nectarines! We don’t know what is coming next but they too will come home. Despite living in the fog belt (Sunset Zone 24), we had our own backyard organic peach tree from 1973 to 1996. It is really a joy to taste transcendent fruit again!! Thank you, Farmer Al, and please keep supplying Gelsons!

    Lee by the Sea
  • Hands down the best peaches I’ve ever had. I received my shipment last night – the peaches were firm (which made me assume under-ripe), but boy was I wrong! When I cut into one I realized that this is how peaches should be. Firmish but oh so juicy and flavorful. You’re not kidding that this is an “Oh my God!” peach! Thank you so much for shipping to Alaska.


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