Which Is The Best Pluot? Flavor King, No Doubt!

Which Is The Best Pluot? Flavor King, No Doubt!



Farmer Al's favorite Flavor King pluot is ripe and ready to ship. As with most other fruits, we have an early harvest of this 'fruit royalty' too.

Yes, that's what we like to call the Flavor King pluot because as its name suggests, it is indeed the king of flavor

If you have tasted a Flavor King pluot before, then you're probably a fan already. But if you're new to this gorgeous fruit, then we strongly recommend that you dig through the archives of 
The New York Times and read an article dating back to 2007, titled, "A New Lease on Lunch."

Therein, writer Patricia Brown tastefully describes how Chez Panisse executive chef, founder and owner Alice Waters introduced the author's sons (then, ages 16 and 13) to a ripe, juicy and flavorful Flavor King pluot from Frog Hollow Farm. That article is testament to the fact that all you need to appreciate organically grown, tree-ripened fruits is to try one! In the article, Brown describes how her sons were served a "single Frog Hollow Farm Flavor King pluot (a plum-apricot hybrid)" on a plate for dessert and how both boys talked about the pluot for days afterward, practically begging for more.

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