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The beloved Cal Red is in a class of its own and is the "Oh my God" peach! A relatively new variety and a California native, the Cal Red was bred by the University of California botanist Claron O. Hesse in the mid-1960s. Aptly named for the Golden State, the Cal Red is a beautiful golden peach marked with a gentle, sun-kissed blush.

Our best-selling variety, Cal Red fans mark their calendars to eagerly await harvest each year. Some years the Cal Red has a harvest window as brief as two weeks, leaving a huge impression for a peach with such fleeting availability.

The New York Times describes our Cal Reds as, "... big, handsome peaches unblemished and ready to savor, dripping with rich juice.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 4-6 fruits
  • 5lbs = Approx. 9-12 fruits
  • 10lbs = Approx. 20-24 fruits


Fruit: Peaches
Variety: Cal Red
Grown: Brentwood, CA
Farm: Frog Hollow Farm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 329 reviews
Elliott Turbiner
Unbelieveably Delicious

Arrived firm. Let ripen for a week. Scoffed down all 5 pounds in two days. What a treat!!

Absolutely delicious peaches

We’ve so enjoyed your delicious fresh Cal Red peaches, and loved sharing them with friends and family! Thank you, Frog Hollow!🥰

Mari-Lynne Earls
Peaches of childhood

The Cal Red peach tastes exactly like those I remember from fifty years ago. They are so juicy, it's best to eat them over the sink.

Anna McGarvey
Juicy Peaches

They were absolutely delicious and juicy, a big hit with a fruit tray I served. From the peaches, pears, reed avocados, and mangos. Frog Hollow Farm is the VERY BEST...

Dominique Olbert

Organic Cal Red Peaches

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