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Gotta Have My Plums and Pluots | Organic Fruit Club

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Enjoy four shipments of our organic plums and pluots. They're eat-over-the-sink juicy and sweet! We grow two select varieties of plums, the famous dark-skinned Santa Rosa and the green-skinned Emerald Beaut, and four varieties of pluots including the Dapple Dandy--a favorite among kids--and the amazing Flavor King which has graced Alice Waters' famous copper fruit bowl. This program is likely to stagger in order to ensure shipment of key varieties like the Flavor King pluot. 

Because we pick the best plums or pluots available at the time of shipment, the varieties included in your box depends on seasonality. We're sticklers for quality and guarantee the freshest organically-grown, tree-ripened fruit nature has to offer.


Expected to Ship: Summer 2017

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