Organic Navel Oranges



These organic navel oranges are sweet and meaty. With a nice thick rind that makes them easier to peel than most navels and a dense flesh that's packed with sweetness, these oranges are better suited to eating out of hand than for juicing.  We partner with other local, organic producers to bring you fresh, rejuvenating citrus.

Fruit: Oranges
Variety:  Navel
Grown:  Kingsburg, California
Farm:  Olson Family Farms
  • 3lbs = Approx. 4-6 oranges
  • 5lbs = Approx. 9-12 oranges
  • 10lbs = Approx. 20-24 oranges

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Customer Reviews

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Organic CaraCara oranges

After paying $30 plus shipping for 3 pounds of oranges, I was surprised to find 6 oranges in the box. Six. Four of them were perfect. One wasn’t quite perfect. And, the sixth was out right BAD. It was old? The fruit was desiccated and white instead of bright and colorful, juicy and sweet. So, not the universally perfect fruit I expected and I paid for. That was Five dollars PLUS shipping per orange. Let that sink in.

Hi there! Have you written to our Customer Success team about this problem? If not, then please call 1.888.779.4511 or email They will make it right for you!
Winter cheer!

The oranges are our sunshine! Delicious!! Thank you!!

Not sweet this season

Beautiful packaging, but the oranges were not sweet at all - they were sour. I was very surprised and I think the description should be more accurate - perhaps someone should taste the fruit regularly and update the description as needed. I can get a similar tasting product from my local grocery store. It was such a waste to pay over eight dollars a pound plus shipping for this.

Hi there! We are so sorry you didn't enjoy them. Please contact our customer success team. They will send you a replacement. You can always just get a different fruit type that you may enjoy more... We want you to love what you get from Frog Hollow Farm.
A Five Pound Box Used To Include Twelve Oranges

This year, it was only ten. Maybe they weigh more this year. They're still good, though. Will have to wait and see what I get with the blood oranges.


So sweet & delicious.

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