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Peaches are special! Cal Reds More So...

This week has been especially hectic at the farm as we’re flooded with orders for our signature Cal Red peaches. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – the Cal Red is my absolute favorite peach. 
A sweet peach is every fruit-lover’s dream — one that’s realized by a Cal Red peach from our farm. We test the Brix level (Brix is a measure of sugar in fruit juice) of all our fruit and the Cal Reds rank higher than most others.  In fact, we don’t ship Cal Reds that rank lower than 13 °Bx and we don’t stop at just one test. If a tree is picked multiple times, we test the Brix levels each time to ensure that we ship only the best fruit. The Cal Reds usually score between 16-21 °Bx and that’s what makes them so special. Historically, our Cal Red peaches have ranked 10-20% sweeter than peaches from other farms and I attribute that to Brentwood’s Mediterranean climate, superior soil quality at the farm and our organic compost. 
I could go on about the Cal Reds and what makes them special to me, but what’s most important is that you have a great peach-eating experience every time you order from our farm. So, I’m going to go back to doing what I do best – growing fruit in my orchard for you to enjoy!

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