Farmer Al's Weekly Pick: Flavor King pluots

Farmer Al's Weekly Pick: Flavor King pluots

Week of July  23rd

My favorite pluot, the Flavor King is ripe and ready to ship. This year we have an early harvest for the King of pluots. If you haven't read the fabulous NY Times article describing Alice Waters' introduction of the Flavor King to the sons of writer Patricia Brown, I recommend it. It's an excellent example of how properly ripe and flavorful fruits can change a young person's outlook on dessert.

As I mentioned last week, also great for kids are the speckled Dapple Dandy or "dinosaur eggs" pluot. This week, when ordering our Organic Pluots, you'll receive a mix of Flavor King and Dapple Dandy, perfect for sampling.

Also great for sampling, we've brought back the popular Nectarine & Peach combo box. This week, based on our picking schedule, we're featuring either the Zee Lady peach (another Floyd Zaiger variety, the same horticulturalist who created the Flavor King) or the delicious Summer Lady peach. For fans of white-fleshed fruit with their lower acidity, we are also picking the white Opal peaches.

The Suncrest peach, which so many Frog Hollow fans devoured fresh just a scarce few weeks ago has returned via the drying table. We have plenty of delicious dried organic Suncrests which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Organically yours,

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