Farmer Al's Pick: O'Henry, Battle of the Peaches, Pluots

Farmer Al's Pick: O'Henry, Battle of the Peaches, Pluots

 Week of July 30th

My favorite peach to grill, the amazing O'Henry, arrives right on time for August. We have a full harvest with about a three week window to ship. The Cal Red is close behind, and the timing allows for at least one week where we're picking both of our best peach varieties at once. At our local Farmer's Markets we do a taste-off between the O'Henry and the Cal Red, and last year we offered a combo box with the two. This year, I'm upping the ante and offering the Battle of the Peaches - Triple Threat, which is three shipments of these two perfect summer peaches. Your first shipment will feature the O'Henry, the second a combination box of O'Henry and Cal Red so you can pit them head to head, your final shipment will be all Cal Reds. To top it off, this year you'll also be able to vote online in our Battle of the Peaches.

Peaches are the star of this week, but we've still got plenty of delectable pluots for some variety. As hybrids, pluots truly get the best of both worlds. Our pluots feature the sweetness and acid bite of their plum parentage and a more meaty texture from their apricot parentage. The Flavor King is a hit as always, and this week, when ordering our Organic Pluots, you'll receive the Flavor King along with the Dapple Dandy or the Flavor Heart...or possibly all three!

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