Food Rush at Frog Hollow Farm

Food Rush at Frog Hollow Farm

We had quite the day at the farm yesterday. Our good friend and Top Chef alum, Ryan Scott, came out to Frog Hollow to film an episode of his forthcoming television series Food Rush.   


Ryan and his film crew arrived ready for a day on the farm. Ryan, along with cameraman Dave Corona, drove in first with country music turned up loud and “yee-haa’s” being screamed from the car.

They were followed by Live Well Network producer Jason Fong and the rest of the team.  Ryan’s Make-Up artist, Megan, drove in singing “Peaches” by Seattle alternative rock band, The Presidents of the United States of America.  They made quite the entrance though I hope they weren’t disappointed with the fact that there are no farm animals here at Frog Hollow.  

Their day at Frog Hollow Farm included a tour of the orchard with Farmer Al and some peach picking.  Ryan borrowed a pair of Farmer Al's Overalls just for this occasion. 


After picking some peaches with Farmer Al, Ryan and crew headed over to Farmer Al's house to prepare dinner with Co-Owner and Farmer Al’s wife, Chef Becky.



The menu included Becky’s Pancetta-Wrapped Peaches on the Grill and Plum Glazed Portobello Mushrooms served with a Quinoa-Dried Plum Salad.  Ryan took care of dessert, making a delicious Peach Crostata. We’ll be posting Becky’s recipes to our blog soon. 

Farmer Al, Becky, and Ryan enjoyed the meal outside before Ryan and crew packed up for their drive back home. 

 photo taken by @chefryanscott

 Food Rush starts airing Sunday, September 10th at 8pm on the LIVE WELL Network (Check your local listings).  Their visit to Frog Hollow Farm will be featured on episode 4, to air sometime in early October.

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