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Suncrest: The 'Golden Globe' of Peaches

This week at the farm, we've started picking our Suncrest peaches.


The Suncrest is an heirloom varietal and it's packed with traditional peach flavor. It's one of the best peaches we grow at Frog Hollow. Biting into a Suncrest peach is like biting into the refreshing goodness of summer itself. A Farmer's Market customer once described the Suncrest peach to me as the 'Golden Globe' of peaches and that description has stuck with me for life! It does indeed have a beautiful gold skin that's lightly blushed red. It's one of my favorite peaches because every bite lends for a juicy, eat-over-the-sink experience.

For more tips on how to identify a peach that's ready to eat, watch the video below: 


 To order organic, peaches, visit: http://www.froghollow.com/collections/fresh-fruit/products/organic-peaches

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