Organic Taylor's Gold Pears

Size: 3lbs

The Taylor's Gold pear can grow to be the largest of the pear varieties we tend and like the Warren is smooth fleshed and equally well suited to eating fresh and baking. Taylor's Gold pears are harvested in early September and often available until December. 

This variety was discovered in 1986 by Michael King-Turner in his Riwaka orchard near Nelson, New Zealand. It's believed to be a natural mutation of a Comice, but with its cinnamon-flecked skin and wide flare it may be a cross between a Bosc and a Comice. The Taylor's Gold is sweet, juicy, tender, and its speckled gold flush makes it as beautiful as it is delicious.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 6 pears
  • 5lbs = Approx. 12 pears
  • 10lbs = Approx. 24 pears

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
The good ones are good.

First, let me say that my first love is the Warren Pears. I decided to give the Taylors a try. Most of my shipment was delicious - the fruit had a very delicate flavor and silky texture. Unfortunately the shipment was not consistent. There were a few fruit that had a rougher texture and not much pear flavor. I'm glad I tried them, but I still like the Warrens better.

New pear favorite

I have always ordered Warren pears but this time I decided to try the Taylor pears and they are just as delicious. Now I have 2 favorites!

Maureen Burkle
Sooo good!

I’m halfway through my second order of Taylor’s Gold pears - delicious! I didn’t think any pear could compete with a Warren, which I love, but these Taylor’s Gold might win by a smidgen! I like the almost citrusy tang note with the Taylor’s - they are a sweet, honeyed pear like the Warren, but where the Warren has an even sweeter note of vanilla, the Taylor’s balances the honey with a little citrus burst at the end. Both are excellent pears. ❤️

Taylor’s Gold Pears

One of the best pears ever.

Hard to find, delicious Taylor's Gold pears

Taylor's Gold pears are hard to find in the US in stores, so I resorted to online and hoped for the best with a complete unknown in Frog Hollow. They did a great job of packing and shipping, the pears arrived in great shape and only a few bruises thanks to our UPS delivery driver's lack of love for his job. :) The pears themselves have been quite tasty. True, they are organic, so there is a evidence of just a little bugginess that got in through the blossom end a long time ago, but did little damage, was easily avoided, and was no longer in crawling around. Even the other folks in the house - who are really very, very picky about these things - found it completely acceptable. Overall, I'd order again. Great pears, great packing/shipping and customer information. Thanks.

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