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Rancho Gordo

Ayocote Morado Bean

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Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, the Ayocote family was one of the first cultivated crops of the New World. The Ayocote Morado's big, beefy texture is perfect for those trying to cut out meat and eat a more plant-based diet, or for vegetarians who are cooking dinner for their omnivore friends.

No one will miss the meat when you toss them with good fruity olive oil, sauteed wild mushrooms, and a little too much garlic. Having said that, they'd be great as a side dish for a classic steak!

Ayocote Morado beans are grown all over central and northern Mexico but seem to have lost favor with Mexicans except in specific indigenous communities. If you plant them, you can enjoy the flowers, eat the pods as a broad bean, or shell them fresh for shelling beans. But we think the best way to enjoy their fully developed flavor is by cooking the dried beans.

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    Check beans for debris, and rinse thoroughly. In a large pot, sauté aromatic vegetables (onions, garlic, celery, carrot, etc.) in olive oil. Add beans and enough water to cover by about 2 inches. Bring to a full boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Reduce heat to a gentle simmer, using a lid to help regulate the heat, and gently cook until done, 1 to 3 hours. Salt when the beans start to soften. A pre-soak of 2 to 6 hours will lessen the cooking time.

    Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo began selling heirloom beans at farmers markets after experiencing an epiphany with his first harvest of Rio Zape. He now runs an operation in Napa, California satisfying heirloom bean cravings around the country. A key part of his mission is to preserve the precious bean varieties that are indigenous to the Americas. A Rancho Gordo bean is a creamy indulgence that's delicious and good for you. We just love them. This product is a part of the Rancho Gordo—XOXOC Project, which helps small farmers and producers in Mexico continue to grow their indigenous varieties and keep genetic diversity alive. Steve builds relationships with his suppliers over many years, ensuring a steady market for small-yield specialty products that might otherwise be lost due to the pressures to mass produce.

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    Customer Reviews

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    aj gallagher
    out of sight

    My good buddy took at nasty tumble down Truchas Peak and I sent him a care package from Frog Hollow. He said the dried pluots and plums were out of sight and was equally excited by Rancho Gordo's, ayocote morado bean - what a treat. Frog Hollow, I'm a big fan and you are loved in Santa Fe, too.

    Linda Lundquist
    Ayocote Morado Beans

    I am very excited to try these!

    Unbelievable flavor and great texture

    These are the best red beans you will ever find! Just follow the cooking instructions on the package (soaking makes things even easier) and you won't bother to turn them into chili--they are so flavorful that tomato, etc. are superfluous. Serve on rice, with salsa/crema/cilantro as add-ons: heavenly!

    Charles McKool

    I love all of what I bought and wish I had ordered more of the dried pluots ? Dappled Dandy :) wow. I love peaches and liked those as well. I saved some of all of those and the persimmons for my wife who’s out of the country.
    The beans are awesome. I’m going to make chili tomorrow and have these on the side. Used some red miso to season them up and wish I had tried the miso first. It was marginal. So with chili they should rock !!! Next time I’ll dehydrate next years fruits. Moved back to LA from Santa Fe and got a lot of fruit from the Palisades in Colorado. We had great fruits and vegetables up there. I’m looking forward to seeing y’all at the Ferry market next summer. Thank you and God bless!

    Jose Iniguez
    Great taste

    I'm glad I found it