Blueberry Turnovers



These are true home-style turnovers filled with a sweet and tart summer blueberry flavor. They make a great individual serving, with our flaky pastry cradling a healthy dollop of organic blueberries.  Lightly sweetened with just a tiny crunch, get the true taste of blueberries in every bite. Serve along with breakfast or as a dessert.

This product is perishable and ships frozen. Keep frozen until baking.


Pastry dough: organic flour, organic butter, water, organic sugar, salt
Filling: organic blueberries, organic sugar, organic lemon juice, tapioca or cornstarch, almond extract
Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, milk, and eggs.

Storage & Handling

Keep frozen until baking. Pre-heat your oven. For convection ovens, lower the given temperature by 25°. If your pastries brown too quickly, cover them with a loose sheet of foil. We include parchment sheets with each shipment and recommend that you use them to line your baking tray. For a golden brown crust, brush the dough with cream, milk, or an egg-wash. Sweet pastries may be sprinkled with sugar if desired. At 400°, bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Shipping Details

From our farm to your door without any impact to the environment thanks to carbon neutral shipping. View more details about our shipping rates, order deadlines, delivery estimates, and fulfillment schedule for our perishable vs. non-perishable products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Simply amazing!

These little wonders heat up quickly, leaving a delectable aroma in the house of tangy buttery pastry. The bite is a perfect balance of lightly sweet blueberry and both soft and crunchy pastry. This is a purchase you will not regret! The chef is a genius!! I also think the mixed truffles are insane and you should absolutely get some!! Game changers!!

The best Blueberry Turnover that

The best Blueberry Turnover that I ever tasted.Will definitely order more ASAP.

The Blueberry Turnovers were delicious,

The Blueberry Turnovers were delicious, perfect pastry with tons of blueberries, and not too sweet!


What a delight to start our Sunday morning with these tasty treats! As a long-time eater of blueberry turnovers, I can say that these are the Olympians. Naturally sweet & stuffed with gigantic juicy blueberries, they make me regret all the prior calories I wasted on their inferior imposter cousins over the years. I can never go back. Wherever I am, Frog Hollow blueberry turnovers will be in my freezer.

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