August 2020 Mail Order Update

August 2020 Mail Order Update

2020 has been a year of big changes around the world and also here at Frog Hollow Farm. We wanted to make sure our customers understand some of the changes we've made this summer for our mail order/nationwide shipping customers and why.

Fruit comes in all shapes and sizes - We're packing different sizes of our legendary hand-picked tree-ripened fruits this summer. This allows us to sell more of the fruit we grow here for a longer period of time, making our fruit more accessible than ever.

New eco-friendly packing material - We're packing our fruit in macerated pads, which are widely used for shipping fruit. These help ensure the safety of fruit during shipment by providing a protective barrier that absorbs shock and prevents bruising. Using post-industrial recycled paper, these pads are produced by macerating this material and securing it between layers of paper, forming a cushion that can gently mold around fruit in a shipment box. Best of all, the pads are compostable or can be recycled along with our eco-friendly box.

Continued shipping delays - We are doing everything we can to get your orders to you in a timely manner. While shipping times have improved from earlier in the summer, due to heightened demand, our fulfillment partner UPS continues to experience shipping delays to all U.S. destinations.

Temporary slower customer care response times - We are experiencing a high number of inquiries. Our team is working to respond to every message.  We appreciate your patience during this time and we hope we can assist you as soon as possible.​ We hope to continue to improve our response times in the next few weeks as we onboard some additional resources.

​You can read our previous update regarding Covid-19 to see what actions we've taken and continue to take to keep our customers and employees safe. Feel free to reach out anytime with any questions or concerns.
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