Frog Hollow Farm's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Analysis

Frog Hollow Farm's Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Analysis

    We here at Frog Hollow Farm are dedicated to providing the very best organic fruit to you, the consumer. All the methods we use ensure that you receive the most ripe and flavorful stone fruit we have to offer. This includes letting the fruit sit on the trees just a little longer to let it ripen to perfection, packing everything by hand to keep it free of bruises and further damage, and getting it to you from tree to table within 48 hours.

    However, our fruit is not the only thing we have to offer! Our onsite kitchen lets us create a tasty array of freshly baked pastries, conserves, and goodies such as cookies and granola. All are made with as much love and care as we put into our fruit. Another item we offer is organic extra-virgin olive oil.

    There has been a lot of talk in the past few years about fraud in the olive oil industry. Many foreign and imported olive oils have been found to be mixed with other seed or vegetable oils and passed off as premium olive oil. Although many countries are working to enforce quality control of these products, there is still a fair share of problems.

    One way you can help is to be an informed consumer. Simply go to any of your local farmer’s market and meet the farmer that grows your food. Farmer Al is at the San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market every Saturday and truly enjoys meeting and talking to everyone and anyone. By meeting your farmers you can learn where your food comes from and how it is produced. Also, more often than not, when you buy from these smaller farms, you are purchasing a much higher quality product than what you would find at any mega-size grocery store.

    Recently, we here at Frog Hollow Farm sent our organic extra-virgin olive oil to a lab to be tested. We not only wanted ensure that we had premium oil, but we were curious about how our oil stacked up against other oils.

So, we were pleased to see the lab results this last week and are happy to share them with you, our Frog Hollow family!  

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Analysis

    If you want to compare our premium olive oil to others in California:

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