Annual Battle of the Peaches

Annual Battle of the Peaches

Each year Frog Hollow Farm hosts a Battle of the Peaches. The contenders are two of our most coveted peach varieties - the O'Henry's and Cal Red's.  

   Battle of the Peaches: Cal Red vs O'Henry

The battle began over 20 years ago between Sarah Coddington, FHF co-owner, and Farmer Al.  Sarah favors the O'Henry and Farmer Al's favorite is the Cal Red. Every year our customers cast their votes to determine the best tasting variety. This past Saturday, our Farmers Market stands through out the Bay Area hosted a blind taste test and customers cast their vote. 


At the San Francisco Ferry Building Farmers' Market, the battle began as an evenly matched fight. The votes coming never showed a clear-cut favorite. Across the bay at the Danville Farmers' Market, Sarah also saw a good fight between the two peaches. 

Around mid-morning, we decided to take our Battle of the Peaches to the airwaves.  Farmer Al hopped in a taxi and headed off to the studios of Newstalk 910, home of the food show Dining Around with Joel Riddell

While on air, Farmer Al spoke with Joel Riddell about our peach battle and gave Joel a chance to try both and place his vote.

 Joel's favorite of the two was...

the Cal Red peach.

Once back at the Ferry Building, the battle continued on.  By 11:30am, we sold-out of O'Henry peaches and a winner had to be named. In the final minutes of our Battle of the Peaches in San Francisco, the Cal Red peach edged slightly ahead of the O'Henry by four votes! 

At the Danville Farmers' Market we saw a different story.  The underdog peach, O'Henry, fought hard to win the battle by six votes! 

As it stands, both peaches have earned a win. Our battle continues online with our mail-order customers. Have you tried both the Cal Red and the O'Henry? Vote for your favorite online at



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