Stardust Dipping Powder

An addictive chile-lime mix for dusting fresh fruit, popcorn and even the rims of cocktail glasses. This powder is amazing on our stone fruit but also delicious on apples, jicama, mangoes, bananas, cucumber, carrots and even radishes.

Please note: There are no artificial ingredients, so caking is natural. If the mixture begins to cake or clump, it is still perfectly fine to eat? We recommend shaking the jar to loosen the powder.


2.4oz jar


Dried chiles, crystallized lime, brown sugar, sea salt, and Mexican oregano.


Rancho Gordo

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eat more vegetables!

The dipping powder makes raw carrot and celery sticks, along with steamed vegetables, taste exciting... so you eat more of them. Which is great!


I absolutely love this sprinkled on jicama. It has enough kick and flavor with a hint of lime.


I LOVE this spice powder!!! It’s hot and salty and OH SO GOOD! on mango or whatever fruit that is cool and sweet.
Once many years ago, my friends and I went to Cabo San Lucas. There our first purchase was a mango on a stick, peeled and cut so when they sprinkled the chile powder it caught on the jagged cuts. Squirted with lime and salt, YUM!


Our peaches were fat and juicy. I don’t know how else to describe them!!! Sooooo good. Plump. Firm. EXCELLENT flavor. Juicy! I ate 2 within the first 15 minutes and hid the rest!
I was very impressed with the care that went into the packaging. Immediately sent my daughter in Arizona a box for her birthday. It was her favorite gift!!
5 STARS. Definitely recommend. I can’t wait to try the rest of their produce 🥰

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