Organic Yellow Nectarines


Nectarines are not a hybrid fruit, they are peaches that lack the gene for fuzz! Every so often a nectarine can be spotted growing naturally on one of our peach trees. Though they're peaches in disguise, nectarines are regarded commercially as different fruits and the lack of fuzz can make for a very different eating experience. As with peaches, nectarines can be white or yellow, clingstone or freestone. On average, they're slightly smaller and sweeter than their cousins and their lack of fuzz can make their skins appear more reddish. The nectarine's deeper, sometimes almost purple coloration contributed to a mistaken belief that they are hybrids of peaches and plums. We grow seven yellow-fleshed varieties and two white-fleshed varieties that are typically harvested from mid-June to early September.


  • 3lbs = Approx. 4-6 fruits
  • 5lbs = Approx. 9-12 fruits
  • 10lbs = Approx. 20-24 fruits


Fruit: Nectarines
Variety:Summer Fire*
Grown: Brentwood, CA
Farm: Frog Hollow Farm

* Varieties are not guaranteed as we select the best of the harvest coming in daily

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 129 reviews
    Many, Many Thanks

    WONDERFUL Customer Service!!! Thank you so much for the credit towards my nectarines. I really appreciate the gesture!!

    Tina L
    aromatic and flavorful

    Absolutely love these yellow nectarines from Frog Hollow! Too bad the season is over now. I will have to wait patiently for next year’s harvest season!

    Tony Biscaia

    We've been eating a lot of fruit lately, and this is among the best.

    Suzanne Na Pier

    They were uniformly sized and consistently flavored...nothing short of delicious!

    Evleen Kelly

    They weren't quite as big as I'd hoped and I've learned I really enjoy freestone fruit better. The flavor was pretty good but not quite as intense as I wished

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