How to Grill Peaches (On the Stovetop)

There’s nothing quite like the sweet, warm goodness of a grilled peach. No need to add sugar or even any toppings. Amazing on its own and with both savory and sweet accompaniments, there really is no caramelized treat comparison to a nice grilled peach. You don’t need a grill to savor summer. Save time and clean-up with our stovetop grilling tips! Chef Mario walks us through how to get those nice grill marks while also maintaining the firmness a peach needs to hold up in a salad, side dish, or grilled dessert.

  1. Season your cast iron with kosher salt and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Use that to scrub all the soot off and then reheat the pan. That way your grilled peaches will detach easily when it's time!
  2. Cut your peach into quarters or halves and place them on a medium high grill. (If it’s too hot to keep your hand over it, it’s nice and high).
  3. Be patient! Don’t touch the grilling slices for about 2-3 minutes or else the grill marks will get messed up. Think of it like you're cooking a piece of steak. 
  4. Eyeball the peach slices from the side and if you see a crust forming, rock the pieces back and forth with your finger, then tip them over to their other side with a spatula. Let them grill 2-3min more. 
  5. Serve alongside grilled meats, with mascarpone cheese and some honey, with goat cheese and chives, or on top of ice cream! The options are endless.

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