Health is Wealth: The Benefits of Sending Nutrient-Rich Fruits as New Year's Gifts

Health is Wealth: The Benefits of Sending Nutrient-Rich Fruits as New Year's Gifts

As the New Year approaches, you're thinking about how you'll celebrate, especially with friends, acquaintances and business associates. Custom gift baskets centering around fruit acknowledge the holiday and a gift easy for the recipient to enjoy.

Fruit gifts transcend occasions, delivering a sweet, juicy arrangement for weddings, birthdays, and holidays throughout the year. Beyond the often colorfully enticing appearance, the fruits themselves pack a hefty punch of nutritional value and flavor. Ultimately, whoever receives your gift gets a cornucopia of vitamins, minerals and fiber paired with tangy, honey-sweet or subtle notes.

Especially as you plan out your client gifts this year, consider the benefits of fruit:

A Tradition

Giving fresh fruit goes back thousands of years. The intent then doesn't vary significantly from the present: Vitamin C-rich fruits reduced risks for scurvy, thus preserving the recipient's health, and tasted good, too.

On top of this benefit, fresh fruits were somewhat of a luxury: Into the 20th century, many spent the winter prolonging the warmer months' harvest. Today, our custom gift baskets center around fruit and deliver their own bountiful harvest, through organically grown fruits and a chance to partake in a diverse array of delightful flavors and textures.

Cultural Factors

Don't just seek out a New Year's gift that acknowledges the occasion: Rather, find a combination that wishes good luck and prosperity.

In the case of select East and Southeast Asian cultures, round fruits around the Lunar New Year both symbolize and invite success, wealth and long-lasting good health into the household or workplace. Based on culture, fruits ranging from mandarins and grapefruits to apples and pears may be displayed as part of an elaborate centerpiece, added to dishes or paired with select foods, like noodles or fish.

Nutritional Factors

Think about common New Year's resolutions: Many focus on improving health through diet or exercise. So, select a gift that encourages these goals - in a crisp or juicy, mouthwatering fashion.

Fruit both expresses and supports this objective while providing the recipient with multiple preparation possibilities. On top of the vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients offered, fresh fruit makes a convenient to-go snack that easily keeps someone satiated, has infinite pairing possibilities, including cheeses, honey, and nut butters, and can be added to desserts, salads, and sauces.

A Gift That's Ready to Share

Especially in the context of client gifts, these arrangements often get left in a breakroom or common area for a couple of days. Employees then look through the offerings for a quick snack, something to complement their lunch or a sweet yet healthy treat that gets them through the afternoon slump.

Large custom gift baskets anticipate this scenario. Arrangements present an array of seasonal fruits, plus additional treats, that give employees a choice as the holiday season winds down.

Also on the topic of shareability, fruit appeals in varying degrees to anyone, of any age: It's a quick slice-and-dice snack for children, an eat-out-of-the-hand treat for teens and adults and a handy ingredient bursting with possibilities in the kitchen. Based on what arrives, chop up a mango for a curry or stir-fry, bake apples or pears with honey and cinnamon for a satisfying dessert or explore plenty more preparation suggestions in our recipe section!


Thinking about what you'll add to your fruit gift? Send an already-assembled business gift basket from Frog Hollow Farm incorporating fresh and dried fruits, conserves and small-batch desserts, or select a box of our legendary seasonal fruit based on the recipient's tastes.


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