Frog Hollow Farm and Old Dog Ranch—an Organic Farming Friendship

Frog Hollow Farm and Old Dog Ranch—an Organic Farming Friendship

Fruit and nuts. They’re one of life’s great combinations. You can find both at Frog Hollow Farm, thanks to our partnership with Old Dog Ranch, a certified organic Chandler walnut grower located along the Calaveras River in San Joaquin County, California. The Sitkin family runs Old Dog Ranch, and they have lived and farmed there since 1912.

Old Dog Ranch’s certified organic Chandler walnuts are a varietal of the English walnut. One thing to love about them: They crack easily and stay in halves. Walnut halves stay fresh longer than bits and pieces, and that makes for a better tasting product.

Crunchy-Sweet Pairing Ideas

Mollie Sitkin has spent her life experimenting with flavors to pair with the family’s walnut harvest—it’s how she has created their line of tasty (some might say addictive!) seasoned nuts and butters. And she has plenty of ideas for how to pair her products with Frog Hollow Farm fruit, too!

Easy, buttery goodness

During apricot season, split the fruit in half and replace the pit with a scoop of Old Dog Ranch’s Raw Honey and Sea Salt Walnut Butter. Tastes like cobbler (but much healthier)! Craving something even more decadent? Try a scoop of Old Dog Ranch’s Organic Chocolate Walnut Butter with a succulent Frog Hollow Farm apricot.

Rethinking a lunchtime staple

For a twist on the typical PB&J, try Old Dog Ranch’s Raw Honey and Sea Salt Walnut Butter with Frog Hollow Farm’s low-sugar conserves. One of Mollie’s favorite snacks is toast with walnut butter and Frog Hollow Farm Meyer Lemon marmalade.

Anything but boring salads

Frog Hollow Farm’s Tuscan-style, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its rich, peppery flavor, is a perfect complement to the sweet and savory flavors of Old Dog Ranch’s raw, toasted and seasoned nuts, like Rosemary, Smoked Paprika and Garlic, and Candied Walnuts.

Friendship forged at San Francisco’s Ferry Building

Mollie says that before she met us, she admired our quality and unique varietals.

“When I started my business, I looked to Frog Hollow Farm as inspiration and proof that there is a market for carefully grown, organic food and unique, farm-made products,” she says.

Several years later, she met Farmer Al when she started selling at the San Francisco Ferry Building farmer’s market.

“We became friends because I obsess over Frog Hollow Farm’s apricots,” she says. “They’re my all-time favorite food!”

We are pleased to offer Old Dog Ranch’s Walnut Lover’s Delight, a mix of Chandler walnuts and walnut butters, and their Walnut Supreme Sampler, a habit-forming collection of raw nuts and mouth-watering favorites like Mexican Hot Chocolate and Whiskey Spice walnuts. We also offer 4 one-pound bags of these top-quality nuts.

Enjoy the fruit and nuts of this very happy partnership!

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