Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Truffles: A Chocolate Lover's Delight

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Truffles

Olive oil and chocolate go together like wine and cheese. The marriage of good quality chocolate and a good quality extra virgin olive oil has complex flavor notes that will arouse the taste buds. Our new Frog Hollow Farm Olive Oil product line showcases how the unique, buttery quality of olive oil quality can enhance the flavor of chocolate.

While creating the truffles our product development team had the grueling task of taste testing many different types of chocolate. We found that a dark chocolate by Guittard paired harmoniously with our Tuscan style extra virgin olive oil, bringing forth notes of blackberry and currant. We worked diligently to come up with a flavor pairing and texture that would stimulate the most sophisticated palette. The end result is a rich and creamy ganache that is delicately dusted with a bitter sweet cocoa powder. These decadent and delicate morsels are the perfect dessert for a chocolate lover and will be even better paired with a port wine.

This Valentines Day, delight your tasted buds with Frog Hollow Farm’s Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Truffles.  

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