Chef Becky's Fruit Cake

Chef Becky's Fruit Cake

Chef Becky's Fruit CakeWith the holidays around the corner, I am getting so excited about the upcoming Frog Hollow treats that are becoming available.  I've been waiting all year for the farm kitchen's delicious fruit cake and I'm glad to announce that it's finally here! 

Frog Hollow Fruit Cake is unlike any you've ever tried; filled with our organic, sun-dried fruit and crunchy walnuts, this delectable holiday favorite is pre-soaked in rum and will blow you away with how moist and flavorful it is.  When it comes to fruit, Frog Hollow Farm is often declared 'legendary', and we'll guarantee you'll feel the same about our fruit cake too!
Another farm kitchen favorite is Chef Becky's Holiday Crostada.  
Made with our famous Warren pears, organic apples, currents and candied orange peel, the Holiday Crostada wraps pastry crust over and around this delicious mixture of holiday goodness.

For fruit lovers, our Warren Pear Gift Box is just the right combination of organic, wholesome flavor and elegant presentation. Delivered in a handsome gold-stamped box, the Warren Pear Gift Box's beautiful arrangement will delight and impress those who receive it this holiday season.

Everyone knows I love my fruit, but I can't seem to stay away from the farm kitchen when I smell them baking something so aromatic.  Recently, I've been peeking in as they've been baking up the Cream Scones and I've been experimenting with all the different Frog Hollow conserves and marmalades that we have here with these puffy pastries.  Because of the simple, vanilla taste of the Cream Scones, they make a perfect avenue to try the different delectable Frog Hollow spreadable fruit.  One of my favorite breakfasts is a handful of Cream Scones covered in our Peach Conserve and a cup of coffee on a cool morning before heading out to the orchard.

Keep an eye out next week for the presentation of our Holiday Gift Baskets; if you're looking for just the right gift for a friend or family member or to build a business relationship, our Holiday Gift Baskets are a perfect way to show you care with organic, healthy, and delicious Frog Hollow treats! 

Organically yours, 

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