Farmer Al's Pick: Pluots and Nectarines

Farmer Al's Pick: Pluots and Nectarines

 Week of August 27th

My favorite variety of Pluot, the Flavor King Pluot, have been turning out beautifully this season.  We've just started picking today from a different part of the orchard and we're delighted to report that these Flavor Kings are the best of the best.  The Flavor King boasts a delicious acid bite and balanced sweetness; this is one of my favorites for eating right out of hand, and baking with it is great, too.  Now that school has started for most children, the Flavor King Pluot is a great treat to pack along for lunch that is easy and delicious.

The Flavor King also tastes great as a dried fruit.  This is one of Frog Hollow's most popular varieties of dried fruit, and for good reason; its chewy texture and sweet taste make Dried Flavor King Pluots an easy and satisfying snack any time.

While I'm out in the orchard, the farm kitchen has been busy cooking up some delicious pastries, tartlets and other goodies.  A favorite of mine lately have been all the cookies in the Cookie Assortment package.  This tin of freshly baked cookies offers different varieties of some of the gourmet confections we have available right now; Cherry Chocolate Chip & Walnut, Jam Thumbprint, and Peanut Butter & Jam Sandwich cookies.   These cookies make great gifts for back-to-school care packages and as an end of summer treat.

For all you nectarine lovers out there, the August Fire Nectarine is being picked now and will only be around for about two more weeks, so I'd suggest checking these out if you've never tried them.  This is another type of fruit that tastes simply perfect when they're picked off the tree at the right moment and wraps up the Nectarine season wonderfully.  We will be picking the August Fire Nectarine this week and next week, and they are the last variety of the nectarine season; if you haven't tried nectarines yet this year, this is your chance with the delicious August Fire.

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