Introducing our 2011 Premium Handcrafted Gift Box

Introducing our 2011 Premium Handcrafted Gift Box

Back again is our limited edition premium handcrafted gift box. This year we've matched up our Warren pears with top some of our favorite artisan producers in The San Francisco Bay Area. Only 50 boxes are available. Shipping is included on this handcrafted reusable wooden gift box - $159

Gift Set Includes:

Warren pears Gift Box by Frog Hollow Farm (Brentwood, CA) -  packed in our new (recycled!) gold-stamped gift box, these are the pears that have created the buzz this holiday season. Featured in O magazine as one of Oprah's favorite things, in the Thanksgiving issue Martha Stewart's LIVING, and recently in the LA Times.

We've chosen each item in this box based on what pairs nicely with our rockstar Warren pears. 

A wedge of Carmody Cheese by Bellwether Farms (Petaluma, CA) - Co-star of our Pears & Cheese gift pack, the Carmody Cheese was selected by Frog Hollow and Bellwether Farms as the perfect complement to our Warren pears.  Our customers have agreed! Inspired while touring Italy, Liam Callahan, Bellwether's farmer and cheese maker worked to create a distinctive cow's cheese that was mild yet full of "fresh milk flavor". An excellent table cheese, the Carmody enhances the vanilla notes of the Warren.

A box of Chipotle Caramel + Almonds Popcorn by 479° Popcorn (San Francisco, CA) - This is not the same-old holiday popcorn gift!  The smoky chipotle and ancho chili flavor blended with rich caramel and roasted almonds offers a sensation of warm, lingering heat with a sweet finish.  This popcorn beautifully compliments our Warren pears and serves as the perfect holiday snack.

A jar of Burnt Caramel Sauce by Recchiuti Confections (San Francisco, CA) - Our neighbor in San Francisco's Ferry Building, Recchiuti Confections is a local favorite for their unique chocolate flavors and treats. We fell in love with their Burnt Caramel Sauce drizzled over our fresh Warren pears. The sauce features an intense, smoky flavor with a buttery finish.  

A tin of Organic Golden Monkey tea by Red Blossom Tea Company (San Francisco, CA) - We serve Red Blossom's tea in our San Francisco Ferry Building Cafe.  Their Organic Golden Monkey tea was gathered in April 2011 from the Wuyi Mountains of Northern Fujian. Red amber in color, light for a black tea, it is exceptionally smooth and tannin free with notes of oven-roasted sweet potato. Slightly sweet and with relatively low astringency, it complements the pears as well as any of the sweets in the box.

A tin of Chocolate & Caramel Shortbread by Clairesquares (San Francisco, CA) - Warning...these are highly addictive!   Clairesquares are a buttery shortbread dream with a hefty caramel center and Belgian chocolate topping. Enough said.... Just let it be known, we warned you.

Harvest Trio of Conserves by Frog Hollow Farm (Brentwood, CA) - Our Harvest Trio features one jar of Peach conserve, one jar of Apricot conserve, and one jar of Nectarine-Plum conserve.  These are our customers' favorite conserves, made using our legendary stone fruit.  

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