Spinach, Winter Squash and Feta Empanadas are available from the Farm Kitchen

Spinach & Feta Empanadas

Our seasonal veggie empanadas are back. As the days get colder, there are few things we love more than a piping hot savory empanada.

 The Farm Kitchen has just made up a batch of amazing Spinach, Winter Squash, and Feta empanadas. Wrapped in our light and flaky pastry, the blend of mild feta and spinach is offset by the gentle sweetness of the winter squash.

Empanadas measure roughly 5.5" x 2.5" inches, making them ideal as a brunch item, or as part of a light lunch (we recommend a side salad of crisp, bitter greens and a pear vinaigrette).

This item sells in a pack of 6 for $40 or 12 for $70, and ships frozen, ready to bake.

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