Frog Hollow Farm Bringing Famed Warren Pears to Customers Across U.S.

Frog Hollow Farm Bringing Famed Warren Pears to Customers Across U.S.

Chefs love this rare variety featured in Oprah Magazine and Martha Stewart LIVINGĀ 

Frog Hollow Farm, the Brentwood, California farm known for its legendary stone fruit, has started shipping thousands of pounds of organicĀ Warren pearsĀ to fruit lovers across the United States under its mail order program ā€” Frog Hollow Farm is one of only a few growers to grow this incredible variety that made it ontoĀ Oprah Magazineā€™sĀ Favorite Things List in 2011.Ā Martha StewartĀ LIVING magazine has also featured Warren pears, and top chefs love to cook with this buttery and succulent variety. Frog Hollow Farm expects to have Warren pears through the end of December.Ā 

About the Warren Pear
The Warren pear is a difficult variety to grow and has never caught on commercially, making it a rare fall treat. Its incredible flavor and texture make it worth the troubleā€”the Warren has a classic European texture that is very soft and juicy with a silky sweetness. Take a bite and relish the thin skin and smooth flesh that is free of the typical grittiness found in most pear varieties.

Thomas Oscar Warren discovered this variety growing naturally outside a post office in Hattiesburg, MS a number of years ago. Once known as ā€œthe Post Office pear,ā€ it has adopted the name of its founder. Frog Hollow Farm is harvesting Warren pears now and they will available by mail order until late December or early January atĀ

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