Get A Head-Start on Your Organic Fruit Club Shopping | Spring In to March

Get A Head-Start on Your Organic Fruit Club Shopping | Spring In to March

Blossoms Are Here! And So Are The Bees...

The surreal sunny days of January just felt so strange and unnatural. It was the first-ever rain less January in San Francisco history. It made us all feel uneasy and “off-balance.”

Though Spring is still officially a little over two weeks away, you wouldn’t know it in the orchard. The trees are putting on their annual show of breathtaking beauty; the air and earth smell of freshness and the grass is a vibrant green. It is hard to capture in words the sense of wonder and joy that walking through thousands of blooming trees brings.

Farmer Al pruning apricot blossom
Now, we get to our normal worries, such as “Will we get any late-season rain? If yes, then how will that affect our apricots?” They are just now beginning to bloom. This is the most vulnerable stage of growth for apricots. At this time of year, I go out to the trees each day to check on them and you'll be happy to know that so far it looks great. So get going on your organic fruit club shopping, if you haven't already. If you've been on the fence about joining our fruit clubs, then here are five reasons that may help you decide.

As we look forward to spring and the promise of sweet, juicy apricots that it holds, I'm indulging myself in some winter-time favorites. The Blood Orange-Strawberry and 'True' Seville Orange marmalade are definitely among them! Spread a generous dollop of marmalade over warm cream scones, fresh from the oven, and liven up even the most dull and dreary winter morning. Enjoy!

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