What Does Mom Want for Mother's Day? Here's Chef Becky's Only Wish...

Chef Becky has two lovely girls, Millie and Maddie, and she blogs here about what she would most love as a Mother's Day gift. What's on your wishlist this Mother's Day? Leave us a comment ... 

I remember my mother posing the question; “Oh, what should we have for dinner tonight?” … more to herself than to any of us but we would of course chime in with our individual favorites. Trying to cook within the confines of the varying likes and dislikes of five children, finding something we all liked was something she wrestled with daily. Most children will not just eat the food in front of them, thank you for it even though they didn't really like it, as a polite guest will, if not trained to do so. Somewhere along the line my mother became trapped trying to cater to our likes.

Note to new parents, take my advice; this should only be allowed on birthdays and special (and rare) occasions. You may have a few meals skipped, but in the long run your children will learn to eat and enjoy a wider variety of foods if they know they can’t have exactly what they want every night. I know why my mother did it and I know why I do it; because there is nothing more gratifying as a parent than seeing your children eat heartily and enjoy the food you have made them (except for having them help you make the meal) and there is nothing worse than having them be hungry. The ability to feed your family is a primal instinct and we are hard wired to want to provide nourishment for them. It affects our self esteem in ways that should not be under estimated. More immediately, low blood sugar makes for cranky children and therefore cranky parents.

I've always been one to enjoy a good meal and yes, while I had certain likes and dislikes as a child, I will eat or at least try anything and everything now.  But more than anything, I love to be cooked for; I truly appreciate it. I would love to wake up Sunday morning and know that all I had to do is… nothing. So for Mothers’ Day what I would really love is to be cooked for! On that special day where others prepare food for Mom, nothing could be more enjoyable or more delicious than a cream scone slathered in apricot jam with my coffee for brunch. Or maybe, Ham & Cheese turnovers,cookies and tea in the afternoon, or antipasto with a glass of wine in the evening. Any of these gifts are unique, delicious and easy to prepare and I’m sure would be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

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